We want you to enjoy your piece of ellisue Berlin-jewelry. Therefore please consider the following care-instructions:

  • Take off your jewelry before taking a shower, working out, swimming or going to the beach
  • Protect all jewelry from hairspray, perfume, deodorant, chlorine and sweat as these chemicals may cause damage
  • To keep your jewelry dust and dirt free, and to prevent unwanted oxidation or tarnishing, store your pieces in a jewelry box with the lid closed (or a zip lock bag). Wrapping your jewelry in a soft cloth will also keep it clean and prevent it from oxidizing. Wrapping your pieces individually will prevent scratching. When metal oxidizes, it turns darker in color. This is a natural process, not a decline in value. Mild cleaners and polishing cloths can be used to brighten and restore your jewelry, especially metals, but beware of harsh chemicals or ionic cleaners





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